Wednesday, July 28, 2010

blood hell.

Today I only ate half of a snickers bar. Id like to tell you it was self control, but lets face it if it was self control I would not have bought a snickers. No it was my co worker who acted as an angel in disguise and saved me from inhaling the rest of the nuggety bar. Let me explain. Poor coworker just had nose surgery because he truly could not breath. She got her deviated septum fixed. She took a week off and came back tues. we have this wonderful program at work that lets us walk on our breaks. They encourage us to do 2 20 min walks a day. PAID! So coworker and I were taking a much-needed break. I had this wonderful snickers with me. I had taken a few bites and was not even thinking about the 280 calories I was about to have. Well my poor coworker all of a sudden got a HORRIBLE bloody nose. She still has stitches in so we were both panicked. I put my snickers away to asses the situation. Coworker is bleeding all over. We are 10 mins away from work. We have nothing to cover er nose with so she doesn’t bleed to death. All I could think was I really really don’t want to sacrifice my cardigan. I thought about it. I was wearing a shirt today that has little eyelets in it. Its made to be worn with something under it to be business prof looking but would be fine to a bar with out a tank under it. In about 4 secs I had the under shirt removed and handed to poor coworker. We got her back to the office. Got the bleeding stopped. I pulled out the snickers when all was calm and realized I really didn’t want to finish it. It sounded great but I thought about how much extra work that would be at the gym. I am proud to report I didn’t eat the darn thing. Its still sitting at my desk. And I will probably eat it tomorrow. But for today a bloody nose saved my butt from 20 extra mins on the elliptical.

I did an hour of cardio today. Burned 720 calories on the elliptical. It was really good to feel that burn again. When im at the gym I feel in control. I feel like I have the reins for my life. I wanted to share a song with you that when I work out makes me feel so amazing.

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bethany. said...

Aww, I'm so bummed that you don't post anymore. You're amazing and I love reading about how great you're doing!